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scrolling Happy Valentine's Day.

lace hearts       woven heart

sweetheart rose          lovers in silhouette          sweetheart rose

wooden jeweled heart          heart & lace

valentine cat          polar bear valentine for a friend

Happy Valentine's day title

heart of flowers          heart with cherubs          2 small hearts

frogs in love on solid backgroundfrogs in love on transparent background

heart of flowers with butterflies          flowers & lace with heart

Happy Valentine's day title

Heart in a coat.          teddy bear holding fabric heart

fish in love          birds in love

Happy Valentine's Day Cherubs

Kitty with hearts.        love letter

Happy Valentine's Day on a scroll.        lacey heart

line of hearts

valentine balloon          kitten with heart

flowered hearts line

country girls with Xs & Os          country girls with Xs & Os

Happy Valentine's Day

mice in a globe          animated lacey heart

line of hearts

valentine egg globe          Valentine teddy bear & kitty

floral heart - FOREVER


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line of hearts

Some Kids' Valentines To Print Out :

Instructions : Use the links below to go to the page of Valentines you wish to print out. Once you get there point your mouse to the upper left-hand corner of your browser menu. Click on "File", then click on "Print". After you've printed out the Valentines, cut them out to give to friends. NOTE : You may have to change the "left" and "right", "top" and "bottom" margin size in your Page Setup for your printer to 0.10 of an inch to ensure that all of the Valentines get printed. (Click on "File", then on "Page Setup") These cards look best if printed on card paper made for computers.
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line of hearts

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