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    All graphics here were made by me either with a mouse in Windows Paint and Paint Shop Pro , with colouring pencils on paper , or painted on paper and are hand drawn originals ; the exception being those made from photos or with PSP tubes. They were made "web ready" using Graphics Workshop, Gif Construction Set, IPhoto, Jasc Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro 7.
    The graphics here at "Charm's Graphics Shack" are FREE for you to use, with only a few requests, or terms of use. Please remember not to direct link to these graphics. Right click on the graphic, then click on "save image as" to save the graphic to your own files.

    Please DO NOT ALTER the graphics from Charm's Graphics Shack in any way. That includes changing the size, or cutting parts of them to use in graphics of your own. ALL the graphics at Charm's Graphics Shack are copyrighted by the webmaster and copyright info is embedded in each image file. The graphics from "Charm's Graphics Shack" are for use on your personal pages only and may NOT be used in a compilation of free graphics on another site or used for business purposes. Thank you ! :-)

    If you use any of the graphics from Charm's Graphics Shack on your site please place one of the following images on the same page as the graphics you use, linking it to this page. If you wish to just use a graphic in an email or chat post there is no need to use the logo.
NOTE : Some graphics & background sets have their own logos.

    Copy & Paste the Fragment below to place one of the following graphics on your page, changing the image file name according to which logo you choose :

<!--Begin Graphics Shack Fragment-->
<CENTER> <a href="http://eynden.worldzonepro.com/charmsgraphics.htm"> <img src="graphshack2.gif" width="220" height="82" alt="Charm's Graphics Shack Logo" border="0"></a> </CENTER>
<!--End Graphics Shack Fragment-->

Charm's Graphics Shack Logo

Charm's Graphics Shack Logo 2

OR, choose one from the smaller logos below :

<!--Begin Graphics Shack Fragment-->
<CENTER> <a href="http://eynden.worldzonepro.com/charmsgraphics.htm"> <img src="smgraphshack1.gif" width="120" height="42" alt="Charm's Graphics Shack Logo" border="0"></a> </CENTER>
<!--End Graphics Shack Fragment-->








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Some Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes used in some graphics here were made my me
and some came from Anne Gerdes.