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   You will find here a mixture of old and newer poems, mostly a mixture of free verse and prose, with a smattering of other things thrown in. Some were written when I was in my early twenties. The following decades see a change in my writing and it's interesting to compare the differences. You'll see what I mean!!

NOTE: Some of my stories and poems appear on a website called Writers and Friends. Some stories and poems of my daughters, Tiffany V. and Whitney V. also appear there. Please know that neither my daughters or I are any longer associated with that website, nor do we adhere to the political/social views of the owner of that website. I have requested several times that our writings be removed from the site, but to date the owner has yet to do so.


The Old Man (© July,1996)

One day I saw a man, old and wizened and bent;
wrinkled head trembling,
tired feet shuffling,
everywhere he went.
He slowly raised his hand in greeting
as he went upon his way,
and remarked to me with a shaky smile
on the beauty of the day.

Once he was surrounded by little ones
wanting a piggy-back ride.
Once he'd held a squalling babe
with his loving wife at his side.
Now his children have all grown
leaving nothing but bitter tears;
the wife he'd adored with all his soul
gone these fifteen years.

Each morning he makes his breakfast
and eats it all alone,
and sadly wonders to himself
if his kids will ever come home.
He dons his hat, picks up his cane,
and goes out for a walk;
and if he's lucky, he'll find a kind stranger
with whom to have a talk.


Memories (© August,1977)

The heart reaches out
To the world
And grasps a rainbow
That lasts for but a while.
These dazzling moments
Of sunshine
Stay within the soul
And clouds
Cannot cover them.


Utopia (© Dec.,1996)

Take me to that place
Where no one ever cries.
Where no one suffers pain
And no one ever dies.

Take me to that world
Where all the days are sweet;
Where no stones are hurled
And no thorns will cut our feet.

Take me to that land
Where no mouth screams in horror ;
Where no one needs a hand
And all our trials are over.

Take me to that place
Where no one ever cries ;
Where no one suffers pain
And no one ever dies.


A Woman's Prayer (© Feb.,1997)

What I hope for
Is that you take me as I am,
As a person, as a woman
Whose heart is in her hand.

What I long for
Is that you know me well,
Know the secrets
That I will never tell.

What I wish for
Is that you will be true
To my love, that's given
With so much trust, to you.

What I pray for
Is that you will love me
For all those things I'm not
And all those things I will be.


Daisies In A Jar (© Feb.,1997)

I watched them rambling hand in hand,
Stick figures, across the grassy land;
Little blonde heads bobbing up and down
Amid the daisies growing all around.

Later, their heads upon their pillows,
I saw a spray of pussywillows
And in the middle like a star,
A daisy there, in the jam jar.

Memories like these in my heart I will hold
When little blonde heads have left the fold.
When they've moved to places far away,
Daisies in jam jars will always stay.


Warm Memories (© May.,1977)

I remember days I spent with you
In fields of flowing grass and fragrant flowers.
The sun shone on us both and warmed our love.

I remember nights I spent with you
And felt the softness of your soul.
The moon shone through the window of our hearts.


Priorities (© January 13, 1998)

Lonliness is difficult to endure.
It eats at you in ways you can't ignore.
Try to fill the hours with other things
But nothing can replace the joy love brings.

Was a time when you were all he wanted,
Before his heart became so small and stunted.
Now business takes up all his time.
Hey, is providing for his family a crime ?

Can money hold you in it's arms ?
Do "things" give any kisses warm ?
And when time is gone and life is through
Is love what you will bring with you ?


The Hill (© July 7, 1998)

Two men stood at the bottom of a hill,
Deciding whether to climb it.
"Not sure if I can.", said the one named Bill.
Joe said, "Come on, just try it."
They argued about it a long, long time;
In fact for many a day.
They argued until the cows came home,
And now the cows are in the way.


The Smile (© March,1985)

I smile at you, at friends and foe,
At strangers who past me stride,
But there is one thing you don't know ;
I'm crying on the inside.

You think I'm strong, I should be proud
Of the broncos I break and ride,
But my happy life is like a shroud
And I'm crying on the inside.


This Is Love (© Oct.,1977)

A soft caress,
A burning kiss,
A warm sweet breath,
An unshed tear,
This is love.
A quick embrace,
A wishful sigh,
A tender need,
A moonlit dream.
This is love.


My Weakness (© Sept.20,1997)

The silence is deafening, relentlessly droning
But I am comforted by the heavy grayness of the clouds.
They are my cocoon, wrapping me in peace.
The rain, the quencher of my thirsty soul,
Drowning me in awareness of life.

I would be content to be a tree here
Beside this quiet stream, roots planted
In the history of times untold.
I would be strong, undaunted
By the relentless winds of change
But I am only human and strength eludes me,
Keeps me bent upon a never-ending quest.

The rain is harsh now, chills my very marrow.
I feel a need to glean some warmth from you.
As you draw me nearer your heat ignites me.
I can not be a tree today for I am too weak to resist.
My strength will have to come from you.
The silence is broken now by the sound of your breathing.


Friends ? (© Oct.,1977)

Who can say who are your friends
And whom are not ?
Do those that call themselves your friends,
Really come through
When you put them on the spot ?


Time (© Nov.,1977)

A stick of dynamite.
The wick burns shorter and shorter,
Closer to the end.
The explosion will be short,
But the smoke will linger.


Impressions Of Evil (© Oct.31,1978)

Smoke spiraling to the ceiling
From candles in the center of the room.
The witches dancing, all in black,
Awaiting the arrival of the son.
Their senses numbed, thier feet are light,
Their movement slow and rythmical.
Bodies weary, their minds chant in unison.
A form appears in mists of swirling green.
The dancing ceases.
The candles flicker, then go out.
A scream pierces the darkness, then is gone.


Dying Love (© May 29, 1998)

Once I'd look into your eyes
To see love shining there.
Now I am afraid to look
And see that you don't care.

I hold your hand or kiss your brow,
So you say I am possessive.
Why is it you don't want me now ?
Why do you think my love excessive ?

I climb into our bed beside you
And you turn your back on me.
No matter what I try to do,
Your eyes say "set me free".

I pray that this is just a phase
That you are going through.
I hope and pray for better days,
When again, you'll love me too.


Starry Night (© Nov.,1978)

Another time, another place ;
Dancing starlight on your face.
With silver moon on silver trees,
We walked in snow drifts to our knees.
Crystal diamonds on the snow,
I felt the love between us grow.


Death (© Nov.,1977)

A rose, so lovely a flower ;
The petals soft as velvet
And the scent so sweet and sensual.
Who can bear to watch it whither
And return to the dust it came from.


Not Alone (© Nov.,1997)

She stood in the rain with her coat off,
Raised her arms and cried "Why me ?".
It didn't even occurr to her,
That she is the master
Of her own destiny.

She ranted and raved a bitter tirade,
Raised her fists and shouted at God.
It didn't even occurr to her
To place blame on herself
As she stood on the muddy sod.

She stood in the rain with her coat off,
Soaked through and cold to the bone.
It didn't even occurr to her
That with His great love
She is never really alone.

She ranted and raved and fell to her knees
Bowed her head and cried red-hot tears.
It didn't even occurr to her
As she shivered in her pain
That it's He alone who hears.


The Poem (© Oct.,1977)

He wrote for me a poem
That expressed his heart's content.
He wrote the words with feeling,
Although his love is spent.
He told me he had loved me once,
That he knew he'd caused me pain.
Said he's glad I am so happy,
That I've learned to love again.


For My Children (© Sept.,1997)

Through the mundane and the dreary,
You are the torch that lights my way.
When my mind is tired and weary,
Your smile can make me want to play.

When my days are filled with doubt and pain,
You are the ones who keep me going.
Through all the times of endless rain,
Your flowers of love keep growing.

My entire soul and very heart,
Are yours for always and forever.
For you gave me yours right from the start;
This is a bond no one can sever.

I will be with you through it all;
Through wild and stormy weather.
I'll pick you up when down you fall.
We can face anything together !

Your hands in mine, we'll face the world,
With glad hearts in celebration.
Your tiny fingers around mine curled,
We shall dance in jubilation !


Past Loves (© Nov.,1977)

Think about a love that's come and gone
And remember the good that comes from the bad.
If you sit and ponder awhile on all the things you shared,
You'll see that there's a lesson to be had.


The Empty Room (© September 28, 1998)

Silence echoes from the room's bare walls
Where little boys played with bouncing balls.
Where toy trucks zoomed across the floor
Little boy laughter is heard no more.

Silence echoes from the room's bare walls
Where once were made a thousand phone calls.
Where loud music boomed through a closed door
Scattered clothing is seen no more.

Silence echoes from the room's bare walls
For now the beginning of a new life calls.
Little boys won't come here any more.
Now young men will walk through this door.


Almost Forty ! (© March,1995)

This morning when I awoke and looked into the mirror,
I was surprised to see a stranger looking back !
It was enough to make me shiver
And send me running back into the sack.
Who was that woman with gray hairs showing
And lines upon her face ?
When had she stopped being young ?
When had she lost the race ?
Truth be told, you can't beat time,
It always catches you.
You may pretend it doesn't,
But there's nothing you can do.


Alone (© Nov.,1977)

All alone, feeling the rain beat against the window.
The wind seems to blow right through me.
The night is filled with a hazy mist.
A voice calls from down the street.
A shadow moves across the wall,
Leaves dancing to the music of the wind.
A peaceful feeling inside of me.




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