My Poetry

Just Me (© Oct.5,1998)

I love some things; I hate some too,
'cause I'm just me.
When I say I'm right I wonder if it's true.
'cause I'm just me.
Sometimes I laugh when I really should cry,
'cause I'm just me.
I go on living; I'm too afraid to die,
'cause I'm just me.
I do anything for my loved ones and never ask why.
'cause I'm just me.
Sometimes when I'm angry, I scream until I'm blue.
'cause I'm just me.
That's all right in my book, so how about you.
I'm just me.


One Who Loved Me Well (© May 2, 2000)

She would sit a-rocking to and fro,
Twiddling her time-worn thumbs.
The depth of her pain we did not know;
The one who loved me well.

Her quiet ways, they fooled us none.
Her joy was plain to see.
She was always pleased that we had come;
The one who loved me well.

How I loved her dear sweet face,
Her eyes that twinkled kindly,
And the smile that lit up any place;
The one who loved me well.

I loved to kiss her soft pink cheek,
To touch her silver-white hair,
To sense the words she didn't speak;
The one who loved me well.

I wish that I could see her now,
And hold her tiny hand
Or once more smooth her wrinkled brow;
Granny, who loved me well.


It Started Off Fine (© Sept. 4, 2002)

I started this day with good intentions
And a measure of true grit.
I didn't start out with apprehensions.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

It all started when I got out of bed
And got my feet caught in the mat.
Somehow the curtains landed on my head.
How on earth did I do that ?

So I got the curtains hung again
And headed to the bathroom,
Where I somehow toppled the garbage bin;
Hence I went to get the vacuum.

A vacuum is a noisy thing
First thing in the morning.
It set my heart a fluttering
When it came on without warning.

I belted out a startled cry
And dropped the vacuum on my toe.
I guess I needn't tell you why
My toe is swelling so.

So in this crowded room I sit,
With nurses at me peering
And either it is very late,
Or it's now tomorrow morning.


I Need A Rest!(© Jan.20, 2004)

Time for me is hard to find;
Never much time to rest.
So many committments to be kept,
And I want to do my best.

But my body says,"Slow down now!
You're doing way too much!
Find time later for unmade beds,
Dusty furniture and such."

Taking time to rest my mind,
Amid life's daily toil.
Put up my feet on this old stool,
And wait for the kettle to boil.


I'll Grow Old With You (© May 2004)

We started out
Hearts filled with pride.
The beaming groom,
The blushing bride.

With stars in our eyes
We spoke each vow.
No longer alone,
A couple now.

Our families and friends
All wished us well.
What the future held
We could not tell.

We built a life
Around our love,
Were blessed with children
Sent from above.

You became a father,
I a mother
And through it all
Leaned on each other.

Soon our home
Was filled with noise
And the playful laughter
Of our little boys.

In a few years
The boys became big brothers
When a sister was born
And then another.

The years have passed swiftly.
Our children have grown.
Our boys are men,
Living on their own.

Our girls will soon
Be leaving too,
With many grown-up
Things to do.

Your once dark beard
Is flecked with gray.
My own gray hairs,
I rinse away.

Each year there's less
That we can do,
But I don't mind
Growing older with you.

I know this house
Won't be quiet long.
Before we know it,
Grandkids'll come along.

We'll regale them with
Stories from our youth,
Knowing nothing is funnier
Than the truth.

They'll laugh and ask,
Is that true Grandpa?
Did he really do
What he said Grandma?

And in our quiet
Times alone,
We'll think of how
Our love has grown.

You'll hold my hand.
I'll touch your brow
And know how well
We've kept those vows.


Silently Screaming(© May 25, 2006)

Never living, just existing,
Running 'round as through a maze.
Not really knowing where I'm going,
See this world as through a haze.

Headache pounding, teeth are grinding,
Forever lonely, though not alone.
People see me, but they don't know me;
They run a maze that's all their own.

Another day, I must get moving;
Like yesterday, this one's the same.
Bottle up the silent screaming;
Tomorrow do it all again.




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