Please remember not to direct link to these graphics. Right click on the graphic, then click on "save image as" to save the graphic to your own files. Some of the pics here are animated, and others are not. The first 8 lines were made using the Crayola Art program. The remaining lines were made in Windows Paint or Paint Shop Pro.

arrow line

batta-ball line

snake line

weiner dog line

lizard line

bowling ball line

blue van line

red van line

blue marble line

green ball line

gray marble line

granite line

blue swirl line

blue stripes line

line of hearts

blue weave line

red satin line

yellow weave line

violet weave line

green weave line

Christmas Line

line of stars

line of holly leaves

line of crosses

line of eggs

hearts & loops

line of sunflowers

line of shamrocks

rose line

line of autumn leaves

line of corn cobs

line of pilgrim hats

hearts line

pink rose line

autumn leaves line

shamrock line

Easter bunny line

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