How to Make Lake Applets

Lake Applets can be a very pretty addition to a webpage. They are made with the use of Java, so are only viewable by newer browsers. (Netscape 3.0 & up, and Internet Explorer 4.0 & up)
The very first thing you need to do is save a copy of a Java file called "Lake.class". Do this by clicking on the link below. In Netscape a "Save As" dialogue box will appear. In Internet Explorer it will read "Save to Disk". Choose your destination(Hard drive, Desktop, CD, DVD or Floppy disk, etc.) and click on "SAVE". After you have saved the file, do not attempt to open it ; just upload it to your personal webspace as is. It must be stored in the same webspace as the image file you plan to use for the lake applet. If you have your webspace separated into folders, then the "Lake.class" file must be placed in the same folder as your image file if the applet is to work.It is important that you retain all upper case letters in the file name and that you do NOT change the file name in any way. The "Lake.class" file will not be placed on your webpage. It will be working behind the scene, from your webspace server files.

The next thing you need to do is place the following coding on the page you wish the lake applet to appear on. Just copy & paste the code below, typing in your own image file name and image width and height where appropriate. You may decide to centre the lake applet also by using the <CENTER></CENTER> tags.

<applet code="Lake" align="absmiddle" width="YOUR IMAGE WIDTH GOES HERE" height="YOUR IMAGE HEIGHT GOES HERE"><param name="image" value="YOUR IMAGE FILE NAME GOES HERE"></applet>

Now here is some very important info regarding the "WIDTH" & "HEIGHT" for your image when making a lake applet : The "WIDTH" size should remain the same as usual, but for "HEIGHT" you need to type in the result of the height X2 -20. (Please note that the image must have a height of 40 or greater)
EXAMPLE: If your image height is 120 the formula is 120 X 2= 240 -20=220. Therefore the height size you type in will be 220.
Keep in mind, however, -20 is the subtraction that most often works best with most lake applets, but depending on the size & type of the image you choose to use, you might want to play with that number a bit and try, say, -30 or -15, etc. Note also that lake appplets will not work with animated .gif images.

Well, that is everything you need to know to make a lake applet. If you have any problems please refer to my Troubleshooting Guide. If the Troubleshooting Guide fails to answer your question(s) feel free to email the webmaster and I'll see if I can help.

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