Kids Say The Cutest Things

(From Pat in Victoria, B.C.)
   My daughter's first words were spoken at the age of 10 months as she looked out her bedroom window. It was a clear March night with a full moon. She pointed to the moon and said "ball high".

(From Cindy)
   I remember this as if it happened yesterday and I've always wanted to be able to tell it to others. Thank you for creating this page....
   My 4 1/2 year old son Johnny was very serious in his manner of asking me the following question. Here's the scene.........
   I'm driving down an avenue with a huge high school located on it. So the traffic is usually pretty busy all during the day. Anyway, it was a hot and dry summer afternoon and my 4 1/2 year old son Johnny was sitting in the middle of my car's backseat. We both were tired of all the heat 'cause it makes us both lazy. I was driving down the avenue with my sunglasses on and I was leaning back with my head against the headrest as I'm driving. As I drive I can look in my rear view mirror and see Johnny sitting in the back and also what's going on behind us. And out of the silence in the car my son says, " Mommy, are you sleeping? " I looked at him through my mirror and he was dead serious. I started laughing so hard I pulled over with tears in my eyes. After I explained to him that mommy can't sleep while she's driving, Johnny started laughing as well.

Please send me your own contributions to this page. If they meet the cuteness quotient they'll be put up here for everyone to smile at ! Keep in mind that I reserve the right to do some minor editing of entries. A BIG thankyou to all who have contributed so far !

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