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Have your kids ever said something that made you grin or maybe even had you rolling on the floor laughing ? Perhaps something they said was just so cute that you will never forget it.... If so this page is for you. This is a compilation of some of the gee-golly cutest things kids have ever said ! Some come from my own kids , some are from parents of other cute kids . All are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face !

Kids have thier own way of looking at the world. One day at dinner my six year old daughter, Whitney , wanted some help with her meal."Mommy" she said , "Will you take the peelings off my fish"?

This one also from my daughter , Whitney ...One day we were cuddled up together on our big living room chair. Whitney looked lovingly up into my face and said, "Mommy you're fat in all the right places !" I couldn't feel more proud !

Sometimes children show a wisdom beyond thier years. My daughter , Tiffany , who is nine years old came up with this sage bit of wisdom..."When a man says MAYBE , he really means NO . When a woman says MAYBE she really means YES or NO ."Boy ! How wise will she be when she gets to be *29 and holding* like me !?

( From my sister Sharon ) Tanya , our then seven year old daughter , who was forever asking "Daddy , Can I go to work with you today , Please?", finally got her chance one day during her summer holidays from school . She was so excited she could hardly breathe ! Daddy took her with him and to make her day extra special he decided to make her Manager for a day . Ten minutes into her new role as Manager she stomps into the office and declares , "DADDY , YOU'RE FIRED !!! " So much for father and daughter bonding . *SMILE*

(From Claudette Letendre ) When I was expecting my youngest son , my oldest son was going on 3 1/2 yrs old so all he knew was mommy was getting in his way a lot...Our home had an upstairs and one day when I went up the stairs , my little shadow behind me ...he tried to squeeze between me and the wall...couldn't so he put is little hands on his hips and pursed his little lips and said in a little child voice and lisp "Get out the way you BIG balloon !" I cried the rest of the nite . *BG* You all I'm sure can understand a woman's tender heart at this time .

(From Lisa Mori)The one cute thing that stands out in my mind was the time the lights flickered for an instant, and my husband and I kind of looked at each other like "What was that !", and our 5 year old said, "Hey, we all blinked at the same time!"

Ever hear of "ice-cream broth" ? well that's what Charm's (another Charm) 8 year old daughter, Teela, used to call melted ice-cream when she was only two. I don't know about you, but I sure wish my mom had given me that kind of broth as a kid, when I had the flu. Beats chicken broth any day !!

(From Linda Grant)On the first day of school we were giving out nametags to the children and one little boy didn't want his. I asked him why and he said "I already know my name!"

It was a warm, beautiful September night and we were sitting out on our back lawn stargazing. My daughter, Whitney was gazing with wide-eyed wonder, when she asked, " Mommy, what side of the Earth are we on now ?"

(From Kara)When my cousin Hannah was 6, she'd come out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth each night smelling kind of perfumey. Her mother, one night, noticed it and asked her "Hannah? What do you have on? Some lotion?" Hannah took out her mothers bottle of Elizabeth Arden Age Defying cream and said "I put this on every night. When I go back to school this fall, everyone will think I'm 3!"

(From Kate Smyth) My son was just starting sunday school, and had learned the song... "Sing Hosanna". In the chorus he sang..."give me joy in my heart make me crazy" instead of "give me Joy in my heart keep me praying". Everyone thinks it was a good line anyway !!..LOL

(From Caroline Garcia) I'm 14, but my little brother was about 3 when he was eating a popsicle one day, and he came to the end. Well, instead of trying to eat it from the side of the stick, he sighed and said, "Uh oh... here comes the hard part!" and tried to eat it by putting the stick all the way up his mouth to get to the bottom of it! When my family watched him do this, we laughed so hard we cried! =)

(From Bonnie) Years (and I mean years) ago when I was teaching Sunday School the time came for two little brothers to be seperated as one had a birthday and was to be promoted. He pitched a real crying fit so we let him stay and advised his mom to work on his 'promotion'. The following Sunday he returned proud as ever and said, I'm a big boy now and will go to my class. When I get big like Uncle Freddy I will go to his class, and when I get big like daddy I'll stay home in bed.

(From Angela) My 4 year old son, Sawyer said the cutest thing one day... It was raining and we've always told him that when it thunders that Jesus is cleaning out the fridge...well, when the rain started pouring down he said, "I bet Jesus drank too much when he was cleaning it out, because it looks like he just flushed the toliet !" :)

(From Michelle) After spending 2 weeks with Grandma, my 4 year old neice, Krissy came home wanting her mom to cook "little trees" for dinner. My sister was confused, but Krissy kept saying "Grandma gave me trees every day, and I love them!!" Finally my sister phoned my mom, and after some brainstorming they realized she was talking about broccoli ! She gets all the little trees she wants now. :)

From Robert McDowell. One night as we were getting ready for dinner, I told my youngest son to wash his hands for dinner. After he came back from the bathroom sink, I had looked at his hands, and they were still dirty. After coming from the bathroom myself, I asked him, "How did you wash your hands, if the bar of soap isn't even damp?" With tears in his eyes he said to me, "But dad, I used it dry!!!" We laugh about it until this day. He is now 30 years old.

(From Diana of Lady Diana's Leafery)...
My youngest grandson, 4 year old Jake is frightened of flying insects and last summer his Mom says he came running into the house and slammed the door behind him. Leaning against the door he said, "The Bees are after me..." and burst into tears before adding between sniffles..."They think I'm a flower."

Please send me your own contributions to this page. If they meet the cuteness quotient they'll be put up here for everyone to smile at ! Keep in mind that I reserve the right to do some minor editing of entries. A BIG thankyou to all who have contributed so far !

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