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    I first developed a real love for cooking and baking more than 40 years ago when I took my first Home Economics classes as a Junior High School student. I'm sure I drove my mother to distraction with my cooking or baking experiments and the messy kitchen that resulted. At thirteen years old I was making homemade maple doughnuts and discovering the creative uses of fondant. My enjoyment of cooking and baking has only grown in the years since. I don't consider myself any more skilled than anyone else, but I do think that my love for the creative process shows in the things I make and even though I can't indulge in some of the tasty treats I enjoy making them for others.

    On this site you will find recipes for the home cook. Some are simple, some for the more adventurous cook. Many of the recipes are ones I grew up with here in rural Nova Scotia, with both Celtic and Acadian influences and borne of the seafaring life. All are recipes that I have tried and liked. Most are accompanied by my own photos of the finished product, plus my personal tips and hints. Heart Healthy recipes will have a heart symbol after the title. As much as is possible I try to keep all my recipes as low-fat and low-sodium as I can without compromising the flavour and texture of the finished product. Salt can be further reduced in many of the recipes if desired, the exception being breads and baked goods, in which salt is a necessary ingredient. A few assumptions made on this cooking site: flour is always unbleached, all-purpose flour unless otherwise stated, salt is table salt unless coarse salt is specified, brown sugar is always packed unless a certain recipe calls for it to be measured loosely, olive oil is always extra virgin olive oil and all measurements are standard measure rather than metric. The site will always remain a work in progress as I will continue to add old favourites and new recipes that I have tried and decided are "keepers". Enjoy!

~ Charm

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