PSP Tubes By Charm

    Instructions : Click on the image of the tube you want to download its .zip file. In a convenient location create a folder named "My Tubes", and unzip the tube file into this folder. Open Paint Shop Pro and then open the tube from its location in "My Tubes". With the tube opened in PSP, click on "file"/"Export"/"Picture Tube". In the dialogue box that opens up enter the correct number of vertical and horizontal cells (images), PSP will calculate the total number of cells itself. Choose the step size you like (that's the amount of space that will occurr between the images if you paint with them in a continous line). Name the tube whatever you wish to call it and then click on "OK". The tube will now be in your list to paint with. Feel free to use these tubes to create other images either on your own site, or a free graphics site, but not as part of a list of tubes or as an image by itself on a free graphics site. If you use my tubes on your site all I ask is that you place the logo at the bottom of this page on your site with a link back here.

love heart          flower wreath          wooden shelf

lace square          long stem roses          pansies

small christmas tree          star          flower bouquet

Canadian Flag          paint & brush          Beary Christmas bear

camera          leprachaun hat          Pot of Gold

Halloween cats          sunflower          small jackolantern

kiss candy          mouse          two tone heart

snowmen          Carosel Horse          candy canes

Cheese and Mouse          Carosel Horse          Santa Head

gingerbread man          Kitty With Bow          Snow Man

Canadian Flags

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